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We are a small firm dedicated to helping business of all sizes get the most from their investments in Structure, Process and Information Technology.

Our speciality is making your organisation work better for you and your customers.

We can help with process re-engineering, regulatory compliance and the exploitation of technology.

We believe that your company should work for you and be easy to manage.


.: our background

Our team has more than 10 years’ experience in Managing, Improving and Designing Services and IT for Blue-Chip organisations.

Our experience is from a broad range of industries, including Pharmaceutical, Finance and Banking, Logistics and Communications, coupled with an in-depth understanding of Strategic Outsourcing.

We have been involved in managing and delivering services to organisations of varying sizes from a single office with 5 staff, to global blue-chip companies with more than 50,000.

We have helped them exploit their own structures and processes to improve efficiency, reduce overheads and get ahead of the competition.  We have helped them exploit technology as diverse as Mainframes, Mini-computers, Unix, MS / Intel Servers, Physical and Virtual, as well as Telecommunications and Network technologies.

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